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19 May 2022

We leave tomorrow! We now have many kind social invitations from Saudis I had worked with. We'll start with 4 nights in Riyadh--at the iconic Kingdom tower--then go to the Eastern Province--Al-Khobar and

Dammam--for four nights, then back to Riyadh for seven nights. Then we split up--with Doug and me changing to Emirates airline to go to Hong Kong, for a seven day quarantine. When we first planned this

trip the Hong Kong quarantine was 30 days, so 7 doesn't sound bad.

On the work front my handing over the editorship of the International Family Offices Journal has gone very smoothly.  I enjoyed getting it started and working with it for six years. Now it is in the very capable

hands of the Italian lawyer Nicola Saccardo. I'm taking along a few copies of my new thesis book, "The Benefits of Applying the Rule of Law in Family Governance."



7 May 2022

Getting close to departure. First Saudi for 15 days then straight on to Hong Kong--finally! The

youngest grandson there, named after Doug, will be 4 years old. Saw him last as a toddler.

The two grandsons coming to Saudi are excited. I'm curious to see how much has changed since

I was last there some 6 years ago.

I've heard about the relaxed rules, but will pack a simple abaya just in case.


21 April 2022

Well, I have already heard from two people that they liked my new entry! How did they know I had one? So I'll keep it up now.

News: I just received a notice that I am, once again, on the London-based "Spears 500" list, for services relating to family offices.

More news: I am going to step down from the Editor-in-Chief position I have enjoyed so much at the International Family Offices Journal. It has been six years! It is a pleasure to see how well that new Journal has been doing.

And more news: My PhD thesis is a book, available from the Swiss printer.


Next stop: May 20 to Saudi Arabia!




10 April 2022

Well it has been four years since I added to my blog. My son Stuart mentioned it. It looks like it has had 22,000 "hits" but I never know who they are. We did host a major Hauser reunion in 2019. Doug had heart surgery shortly after, so we stayed close to Mayo. I got busy...the covid virus came...we all seemed to retreat with an occasional feeling of lock down.

I did finish writing my PhD dissertation, with a final title of "The Benefits of Applying the Rule of Law in Family Governance. It was accepted and we went to Zurich in October 2021 for the award ceremony.

I see in my last entry that I was holding a one-week old grandson in Hong Kong. He will soon be four. We hope to be allowed to visit in June/July. Summer is not here yet. We had snow last week. The pool will be opened on April 19. Probably just to look at.







30 May 2018

Summer is here! Although I'm in Hong Kong and not Minnesota--but for a wonderful reason: to hold a new grandson just one week old.

The new International Family Offices Journal is going really well. I'm working on the 9th issue now, and planning a second "birthday" party in London in December.

The PhD writing has been slower than planned, I've changed the title to "Applying the Rule of Law in Family Governance," and hope to write a lot this summer. Have gotten stuck on the "why is family so important" section.

Have had some super travels: we joined a special Nat Geo Photography trip in India (Rajasthan), saw the famous terra cota warriors in Xi'an and have nearly the whole month of September planned in Italy. My sister and I went to Macu Picchu--an incredible sight.

A new project is    Please visit it!

And next week I'll be home for our Minnesota summer.

cheers to all,



18 November 2017

How did it come to be one whole year + that I didn't write in this blog??

Well yes it was a busy year! I've been working on some transition plans, making sure some old projects will stay in good hands--Thank you Melissa Langa in Boston for joining me on my treatise from 2000 updated every single year--International Estate Planning: A Reference Guide. And thank you to all the outstanding people at Pitcairn when I announced that the great ten years I have been honored to be on their Board, seemed like time to turn it over to someone else--and they've supported the Family Advisory Council, in its 22nd year in New York, which I will continue, and a 2nd in Chicago.

New projects are quite exciting. I've been asked to be the Editor-in-Chief of the new quarterly journal published in London: The International Family Offices Journal. Lots of work but exactly what I like. Another new project: I got accepted for a PhD program in the University of Zurich. Thesis "The Role of the Rule of Law in Family Governance." Hoping to finish by the end of 2018. Great to have more reasons to stop off in Zurich too. Another new project--if that wasn't enough--I've joined a serious group of writers, to improve my forthcoming travel stories!

Best wishes to all, and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA.

I'd love to hear from you!




18 September 2016

I ran into someone in Chicago last week who mentioned in passing that she loves reading my blog. Well well. I've said here before that I have no idea who if anyone reads this--tho the numbers shown for who visits this blog are over 12,000 now. So I now know at least one person who reads it.

My new travel book "Never Ask Where You Are" is officially out now, and on amazon also with a kindle version. In the summer I got a call from the London publisher of the Family Offices Handbook I mentioned in the last entry--they have been so pleased with the book that they decided to publish a quarterly journal--would I please be the Editor-in-Chief. It's a great project for me: I can ask my global network for ideas and to contribute articles. The first issue is out now and really looks great. I'm nearly through all the edits for the second issue, and planning ideas for the third.

On the family governance front, I've been helping with--and writing about--some great family constitutions. My latest article on the subject is "Family Constitutions, the Rule of Law and Happiness."

Meanwhile fitting in some fun travels: an unusual cruise from Seward Alaska up to the Aleutian Islands over to the Russian coast ending in Tokyo--where the seas were so rough they closed the harbor and we had to circle, just like at an airport. I didn't know you could close a harbor.

Just updated my calendar/venues and it feels like it's nearly January. Tomorrow we're heading to Venice then a cruise down the coast of Croatia.

5 January 2016

Wow, another half year went by! All is well. Also looks busy. Lots of travel again: Saudi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and more. My countries list is up to 66--but who's counting.

In the summer I did make time for another travel memoirs book: Never Ask Where You Are. Just waiting for some final edits and possible chapter sketches by my husband, as he did for You Have to Change at Poggibonsi.

Other writing included being the advisory editor for the mammoth book project the Family Offices Handbook by Globe Publishing in London, with STEP. The first global book on family offices. Went to London for a book launch party. Came back and had another one in New York, hosted by the Crystal company.

Went to Saudi for a client family wedding, lovely to keep in touch, though not planning to go as often. Still trying to publicize my Saudi-Girl Barbara book. All suggestions welcome! I had such a special opportunity to be invited inside this fascinating culture that so few Westerners get to know. The people I know are wonderful.

Also wrote a lot of articles in 2015, hard to keep up with listing them or sending them around. Also did a lot of speaking on family office topics, raising children with wealth, family constitutions and family governance.

Also did my annual update--the 15th one-- for the International Estate Planning treatise, this time with a writing partner in Melissa Langa, whom I hope will continue the project with me.

The private discussion group, The Family Advisory Council, had a 20th Anniversary party in New York in December, hosted by the Pitcairn office. Amazing that we have been meeting for 20 years.

Just updated my venues calendar, through April, so I have some idea of what is coming up. Hong Kong gets a priority with now two little granddaughters living there. We have some more cruises booked too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!



12 May 2015

More than 10,000 visits to this blog--who is reading it??

Lately I have been sending out my recent publications--let me know if you'd like to be on the email list?

One article was written with a wealth therapist (Gary Shunk) and we considered the source of the current angst

that children in wealthy families would develop a sense of entitlement--what does that really mean? What is

the difference between privileges and entitlements? It had a lot of readers!

My Saudi-Girl (see finally got approved inside Saudi for sale there. The Minister of

Information required some censoring (pages 52-53 were deleted) and I hope it sells well there. My mother's

friends have been passing around copies (uncensored) and have made so many nice comments. I'm still

trying to find a way to have it reach more readers (it is on amazon).

I have another book ready to write, with some favorite travel stories. Not much writing time this month (I just

updated my venues page--think I know where I am going and when :-)

Wishing everyone had a lovely Mothers' Day in the US--my sisters and I were happy to join our mother for the

weekend. (They've posted pictures on their facebook pages: Carol Pomares and Joan Hauser).

16 February 2015

My response to the article, "Businesswoman Navigate Traditions in Saudi Arabia," that ran in the New York Times on Feb. 3 was published in the paper on Feb. 16. The paper titled it, "Women in Saudi Arabia".

1 September 2014

Happy Labor Day!

It was a wonderful summer to relax, and think, and write write write!

This week I should receive the first printed copies of my book about my experiences in Saudi ("Saudi-Girl Barbara"). I have been going there for 11 years, for 40-50 times--seems amazing. It was great to organize 15 chapters of different topics. A NY agent saw it, said she couldn't put it down (but not her special area) and I should find a good agent. Wish me luck!

And Suzy and I just finished expanding our Mommy, are we rich? book. To the 5 year olds, we added 12s and 20s--and included some global nuances (Latin, Asian and Gulf). We should have it back in about 2-3 weeks. Also new drawings by our own 12 year old granddaughters!

Another writing project was a neat article for the Journal of Wealth Management's special issue on Family Offices--Kirby Rosplock and I describe 5 trends we see for family offices (it isn't published yet).

Then I wrote my annual updates for my loose-leaf treatise International Estate Planning: A Reference Guide (

Now I'm ready to write another travel book: working title "Never ask where you are" (a great line from a time my mother flew the family plane on her solo....)

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. Now it's back to work (I updated my venues page).

7 June 2014

Well, where did the first half of the year go?!

Yes, a lot of January was spent on a luxury (Crystal) cruise around the South Pacific, including the stay I have wanted for many years in one of those "over the water" bungalows that are so tantalizing in the photos. And yes, it was just as beautiful as a travel photo (I have a few photos on Instagram, if you want to ask to follow me there)--in Muneera, near Tahiti. We are smitten by cruises (two more lined up this year!).

I managed to fit in another trip to Hong Kong. Baby Dagny is adorable. I spoke again to Hong Kong parents worried about raising children with wealth. My current advice (in addition to still liking our book "Mommy, are we Rich?") is to focus on the kind of adult you would like your child to become--and the wealth is just a part of the family life. For example, how do you encourage/model "competence" and "confidence" (and a friend adds "resilience"). I also met with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where I might teach some workshops on governance in family businesses. Also met with the Cadwalader office in Hong Kong--very impressive.

It was back to Saudi in April. All the projects there are doing quite well, including a new family office I helped to set up. Now I'm starting to write a book about some of my experiences in Saudi. My first trip there was in 2003, so I've got a lot of fascinating tales to tell. I'm doing it in a personal style, like my Poggibonsi book (which btw is now in digital form on Amazon also). I got a start on the topic by speaking to the Greater Washington DC Family Business Alliance on "Saudi Family Businesses: Are the Issues the same, or different?" (answer: both)

I see there are 8,000 hits on this blog page! Who is reading it? I feel obligated to update it more often--will try.

Meanwhile, enjoy the beginning of summer, a gorgeous time in Minnesota.


13 January 2014

Happy New Year to All!

Last fall was a busy busy travel season--but it all got done (whew). Twice to Hong Kong, twice to Saudi, once around the world (why not) with London and Amsterdam and Macao and Guanzhou and.....

This year--a bit less travel? (Although you might laugh if you glance at my "venues" page which I just updated). A bit more focus on the US including NYC (but also Hong Kong and Saudi and London....and I miss Zurich)

Still writing along the way: new article on Death Taxes Around the World (will add to my website), one on How the Family Business can help the Next Generation (a controversial piece), a chapter on International Family Governance for a London-published Mandarin guide to global advisors, a chapter on same for Kirby Rosplock's new Family Office book, a chapter on Starting a Family Office for the London Globe book on Family Offices, and another chapter for them on Gulf Region Family annual update for the treatise International Estate Planning...and planning another travel stories book.

Clients have flourished--heart-warming to see and be part of.

Trying to "get everything done" now, to leave for a South Pacific cruise this Wed--Tahiti, Bora Bora, etc!

Back in Feb....

21 September 2013

Where did the summer go?? True, it got off to a very late start this year in Minnesota. July was quiet--though I did go to Rye, to speak at the Family Office Association summit--some great people there (and a fancy country club). My two sisters came for our first ever "three-some visit"--had a great time out at our country house. (Tomatoes were good this year too).

August included our vacation treat of another Prairie Home Companion (Garrison Keillor and full cast) chartered cruise--beginning in Barcelona and ending in Venice--and we added a stop in Verona, with tickets to the most fabulous possible Aida evening in the arena (no mikes needed). Also have a nice new US client (trying for a few more of those--happy to give a "not-long-flights" discount! And talking to a few banks whose current families are asking for governance help.

And I'm just back last week from a great time in Hong Kong. JPMorgan had me speak at several events on the topic of raising children with wealth--a lot of interest there and very nice people. A bonus was spending priceless time holding our two-week old granddaughter there.

Now, I'm in Dubai, en route to Saudi. Just updated my calendar--a busy travel season!

30 June 2013

Whew, just returned from "The First International Family Office Summit" in Mumbai! They had a sell-out crowd--had to turn away people after 300. I gave the keynote speech, on "the whole world"--trends in private wealth movement, to which countries and why etc. If interested I am happy to email you my 11 powerpoints. I met a lot of wonderful people--stayed several days after the conference. (This was monoon season--not ideal weather! Never touched my sunglasses or the nice hat I had brought along).

Just before Mumbai I attended the ACTEC summer meeting in Philadelphia, which was a great event--and some more long-time friends, even a Penn Law classmate, and fit in a visit to Pitcairn for a special Board meeting. Pitcairn has been winning all kinds of awards.

The New York conference I mentioned last month was exceptionally good, and many of the other speakers were great friends for a long time, which added a bonus.

Still trying to stay in MN for most of our lovely summer (some short domestic trips, and then a Prairie Home cruise from Barcelona to Venice, and end of summer--then Hong Kong, Saudi etc)

My former blog--now my current "thoughts"

10 May 2013

A sunny Minnesota day! Just returned from immersion in "best practices" and "newest ideas" for working with complex families--a Denver gathering of 70 friends and colleagues (including Christian from Hong Kong, Linda Betts from Toronto and Philippe Weil from Tel Aviv and Zurich). A springtime refreshing time of reflection.

About to go to Saudi for the fourth time this year (a total of 9 times, maybe more, last year). Speaking at a New York family office conference first, always including a governance theme. Accepted an invitation to speak in Mumbai in June, but will try hard to spend "most?" of the summer at our farm country Hamptons' home :-)

Is great to be resettled in Minnesota. Am reconnecting with many friends from many years ago. Last month we moved into a lovely downtown apartment, so we are enjoying city life and country life--a great combination.

Check out my new material on Linked In--seems to have really taken off lately, have been trying to figure it out (easier for me than twitter!)

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely spring season.

4 February 2013

Looks like this sets a record gap in entries! That must be what happens during the usual year-end rushes and then the catch-up in January. In December I was again in Saudi, meeting with clients and friends and being invited to some very interesting events. One highlight was being asked to lead a "majlis" discussion of "The Future of Saudi Family Businesses" on a Friday afternoon in a private home, with about 15 Saudis with a lot of questions. Even some ministers of commerce were there! (My general theme is that there is a great future, but only if they do focus on good governance--of course :-). I also got to know our wonderful Ambassador better, and his wife who is terrific also. I was asked to speak at their home for a group of young Saudi professionals about career paths, which was great.

Tomorrow I'm headed back, so I wanted to take this moment to catch up. Just posted my next few months of trips on my website. Think I know where I'm going and what I'm doing! I'm also eager to see the new Labuan Financial Centre's article by me on family governance. Current writing projects include co-authoring one on "Family Banks to the Rescue".

17 November 2012

What a long gap this was! I've got my calendar months saved on my venues page, looking at the trips I can see why I didn't have time to stop and write an update. In October I was in Minnesota only three days (went literally around the world: Istanbul (gave a Governance in Family Businesses workshop for the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey--5th time in Istanbul, a great city (and I finally had time, later during Hurrican Sandy when a long meeting was canceled, to make a photo book of the mosque tile mosaics that I have been taking pictures of) then on to Saudi then to Bahrain and Qatar and Dubai then Hong Kong then Tokyo and back to Minnesota. Whew.

November includes more New York time--many great friends and colleagues in that super city (just back last night). Just filled in the rest of the year, so I almost feel like January is next.

Happy Thanksgiving! Our favorite family holiday.

5 September 2012

What an experience the Serenget safari was! (Ask me if you'd like to look at an online album)

And somehow managed to fit in a great trip to Beijing, to speak at a workshop on August 18 for the Tsinghau Kaifeng Family Heritage Center (let me now if you'd like their August newsletter that has articles, photos etc). Was even able to spend a day with son David and Jing (see and her family.

Then back to a real Minnesota summer--a cherished time. Also my best "big project" writing time. I was able to finish the annual update for my loose-leaf International Estate Planning, and write up to 127 pages of the new book explaining trusts, that I started last August. I hope to have it edited and printed by mid-November. Will also be writing two chapters for a new London book on Family Offices.

So Saturday its back in the travels---just updated my venues page, think it is sorted now.....more later.


12 July 2012

I made it through all of those back-to-back trips! Each place was wonderful on its own--so many in a row was a bit challenging. So at the end I was leaving Heathrow as the crowds were arriving for the Queen's Jubilee week, and then one week later I was arriving back at Heathrow for a great week of my London meetings and my husband's talks as the annual non-European guest of a very nice opthalmic pathology group in Europe (had seen them last year in Helsinki). Very nice for us to be traveling together!

Some short USA internal trips, but finally managed to open our pool late June (very late, even for Minnesota). Now enjoying pure summer time!

Next big event is our first safari (Serengeti, land at Kilimanjaro)--watching some old movies (Out of Africa, The Gods Must be Crazy, etc.) to get in the mood. Lots of shots and new clothes :-).

Hoping to be in Beijing in mid-August--still tentative. Updated my venues calendar through the end of September.

27 May 2012

Whew, am in the midst of a seven trips in a row trip! Went to Chewton Glen (in the New Forest in southern England--which is actually of course a very old forest) for a gathering of 100 international wealth advisors, spent nine days in Saudi with meetings and two talks about how to use trusts, and 5 days in Istanbul with friends in the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law (4th visit to Istanbul in 4 years--what an amazing place) and next will be Geneva etc. The work and the people all continue to be very interesting. One current topic is trying to understand the waqf better (and compare it to the trust--still planning to finish writing my trust guide during August.)

Looking forward to seeing a lot of the Hauser group at our reunion in Lake Tahoe, then after a brief stop in Minneapolis it will be back to London!


29 April 2012

Speaking of the Hong Kong talks (below) I have just asked to have those interviews and a few others added to my website--finally, a project on my list for more than a year. A few weeks ago I added a page of Client Comments. Fun to keep tweaking the design.

Back last week from another back-to-back trip: London (flowers out, and sun!) then Saudi (sandstorms!) then Bahrain (first visit back there since the protests began--seems to have renormalized to a large extent, they were going ahead with the Formula One.) Then a few days in NYC, including clients, friends and spring celebrations.

In Saudi I taught at the new Princess Nora University for Ladies, law school class, on comparative inheritance laws. Several clients have also made huge progress which is so rewarding to see.

The new LinkedIn group is over 100 now, all great people. If you read this, want to join that?

Gearing up for a five week back-to-back (London area, Saudi, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Montreux). Each one should be very interesting, but they do seem to add up to a lot. Looking forward to some quiet summer time (one safari planned and the trust book to finish)



30 March 2012

Hong Kong was great. At the CFA program I heard the author of "The New Depression"--who reported that in his opinion we will carry on with lots of government credit for about five more years and then "bad things will happen"--sort of depressing! I enjoyed the breadth of my talk-- covering the spectrum from multi-jurisdictional assets (to sort out with taxes and inheritance laws) to family governance (to care for the assets, and family) I'm glad to email my powerpoints to anyone who asks.

Also, I created a new group on LinkedIn, "International Family Governance" as a restricted group, to be sure it stays focused on sharing ideas and not on sales pitches. Its been great so far, and we are up to 88 interesting members from all over the world.

And of course I was in Saudi again (and twice in Dubai). Worked on finishing a family constitution and the family did a great job. Its such a pleasure to help families come up with their own solutions.

On the international estate planning front, I've encountered a few more global residents who welcomed the chance to get "sorted" (as the Brits say).

Next stop, an actual vacation family week. Then its London and Saudi.

Happy Spring to everyone,



1 March 2012

Busy months now--but all going well. Spent time in Saudi in January and again in February and soon in March also! Always something new and interesting. Last time I ended up being invited to a private polo match, my second ever (Sandhurst was the first, with "William of Wales" hit this and that--and a lovely green lawn. Here the field was sand, the horses were gorgeous and we ate in beautiful tens, complete with large ice sculptures dripping away. I also taught a business school class (all male) at Al Faisal business school, on governance in family businesses (I found they had to work at approval to have a female come teach).

All the client work is going well. Just got back from a rejuvenating gathering of 70 advisors who work in the field--thought a lot about the family systems that we are all a part of, and how to deal with them gracefully as advisors.

Next stop, in a few days, is Hong Kong--for the CFA Institute's first Asian Pacific Investment Conference--looking forward to it, and to seeing our newly-weds David and Jing.

9 January 2012

Happy New Year! (I see that a lot of people read my blog--sorry to have a long gap--was very busy through the end of the year--and had a break filled with great family time--we like living back in Minnesota).

Today I go back "on the road" (35,000 feet above): Dubai (clients and also with the American University of Dubai to see if we can bring some St Thomas University Family Business and Entrepreneur Center executive workshops to Dubai--and I'd do the parts on succession and governance--so wish me well on this!). Then my second trip to Lahore Pakistan (clients, so wish me well for a quiet political time in Pakistan!). Then back to Riyadh (clients) and Dammam (clients) and backtrack--Riyadh Dubai Atlanta Minneapolis). Whew.

Will be back one day, then the East Coast--DC and NYC.




16 October (my birthday :-)

The wedding in Beijing was wonderful--and it was great to have so many friends and family there. The Chinese traditions were very moving.

So now it's back to work. Went to DC to see clients the first day back, then two days later to Boston (where I am now) and next will be a long tour: NYC, Philly, Orlando, Dammam, Riyadh, Hong Kong and Macao (I have to remember to get a ticket home from Hong Kong!). The Macao talk should be fun: my colleague Christian Stewart (HK) and I are doing a debate about "East vs West" for family governance. Are they too different to use each other's approaches, or do all groups share certain human elements (stay tuned).

I have another article coming out in Trusts & Estates on "Unconvential Wisdom" with 5 examples where I've seen Gulf families elect not to follow traditional (Western) advice. And another one that may be published in Tharawat's next issue. My update for International Estate Planning is at the printer. Still working on the trust book too.

All for now,


22 September 2011

Hard to know where to start. I did not finish writing the guidebook to trusts, but I did get 70 pages written and will just finish it when I can. Just posted an update of my fall travel schedule on this website, looks awfully busy. Sweet news is so two trips to Beijing.

Am in Saudi again, for 10 days. Gave two talks in Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva) on the way here,  to investment analysts on Family Constitutions--quite a bit of interest, which was nice. Also very nice to be back in Zurich--and they all seem confident of their lasting strong global position.

Client work is going very well--am working to help with strong Boards, holding companies, trusts, owners' councils and of course constitutions.

Also working with the Minnesota-based St Thomas School of Entrepreneurship to give an intensive executive workshop in Dubai in February (more on this later).

all for now,


1 August 2011
I finally recovered from the spring travel!! June saw some quiet trips (Helsinki and St Petersburg) and July included a one-week cruise with Prairie Home Companion. Now (apart from short trips to NYC etc) am enjoying the summer at our "country" place--great view and great wifi.
I've set aside August to write an international guide to trusts--and I already started last week! I think I'll enjoy it. I'm writing it because so many clients have an understandably difficult time (especially when not part of the English or United States legal systems) trying to figure out how trusts work and what the options are. There are some very sophisticated treatises (see, e.g., the third edition of Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions) and some very basic guides within a country, but I haven't found the one I will be writing.
I would welcome your trust questions. If you'd like to be a reader let me know. My table of contents is up to 7 pages already.
So, enjoy the summer (and Ramadan mubarak)
P.S. My travel schedule is posted now, through the end of October.

1 August 2011

I finally recovered from the spring travel!! June saw some quiet trips (Helsinki and St Petersburg) and July included a one-week cruise with Prairie Home Companion. Now (apart from short trips to NYC etc) am enjoying the summer at our "country" place--great view and great wifi.

I've set aside August to write an international guide to trusts--and I already started last week! I think I'll enjoy it. I'm writing it because so many clients have an understandably difficult time (especially when not part of the English or United States legal systems) trying to figure out how trusts work and what the options are. There are some very sophisticated treatises (see, e.g., the third edition of Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions) and some very basic guides within a country, but I haven't found the one I will be writing.

I would welcome your trust questions. If you'd like to be a reader let me know. My table of contents is up to 7 pages already.

So, enjoy the summer (and Ramadan mubarak)

P.S. My travel schedule is posted now, through the end of October.

13 June 2011
I guess this time gap for a blog entry shows how overwhelming (nearly) my travel schedule was since late April. Today (in Helsinki, at my husband's medical meeting) is the first time I have had a free moment. In May I went to these places, in this order: Lahore Pakistan (first time to Pakistan, invited by the impressive YPO group of family businesses, for a day on family governance issues and a day with some private visits) then in a one day of travel I  began in Lahore, then via Abu Dhabi, then via Istanbul, then via Nice, then via helicopter down to Monaco for terrace reception overlooking the world's yachts!), Monaco for a British sponsored Private Client Summit. My topic was Family Constitutions, and there was a lot of interest--you can read about it at


Then from Monaco it was Riyadh (which almost feels like a second home now) and then to Dammam and back to Riyadh (meetings with clients and friends). That "Arab Spring" still hadn't made much difference in Saudi. Tremendous amounts are being spent on infrastructure projects, hospitals, research centers, and new universities--including the largest women's university in the world. All looks quite prosperous. After Saudi it was Dubai (family business) and then to Singapore to speak on family governance at the Asian Private Wealth Forum, then to Tokyo (wanted to catch up with some friends there) which was a bit strange--I was the only passenger who got off the plane and went into the hall for "arrivals"--everyone else went to "connecting flights" and in the "foreign passport" immigration line (set up for hundreds) there were only three of us. My friends there do seem "unsettled" from the effects of the earthquake-tsunami-radiation. And finally home to Minnesota! Just in time to greet the movers who brought our Washington DC apartment furniture to our new apartment in downtown Minneapolis (Doug has a great professor position at the U. of MN, with a piece still at Mayo, now that the DC research center did close, as planned)--and I could even stay a few days at our "residence" in farm country north of Mayo and south of Minneapolis. Had not been there since January. Our oldest son and his wife just moved into a new home near Minneapolis, and our next son and his family are in Minneapolis--so we are close to everyone but our youngest son, who is still living in Hong Kong--planning his wedding in Beijing in October--so still lots going on. (and just posted my June venues--a nice light month)

22 April 2011. Great news! My family governance book is now available on in a kindle version! Thank you to my Saudi friends who kept requesting this.

1 April 2011. (and no April Fool's jokes). It does look like a lot of people read this--though no one ever mentions it to me....? Anyway this last trip to Saudi was during all of the unrest in the Region. I was just a few miles from Bahrain (across the causeway, in Dammam) twice during the trip. The first time included the facebook publicized "Day of Rage" on which nothing seemed to happen. The second time was shortly after the 1,000 Saudi troops/tanks went over the causeway to help Bahrain's government. I'm still checking the Bahrain news daily (Al-Jazeera online is great). Because of all the unrest I learned a lot more about how the different "regimes" work, and of course kept paying attention to the same governance issues that families and family businesses have: participation, constitutions, etc. One quote I want to remember: "Participation moderates extremism." In terms of Saudi family clients and friends, it was another wonderful trip. I brought back the cutest wooden camel laden with rugs, baskets, tins--a neat gift. Next trip there will be mid-May.

11 March 2011. Back in Saudi, after a great few days back in London. Rejoining the annual IBA wealth conference was great, saw many long-term friends and met a lot of new interesting people. Enjoyed being on the panel about global family office trends. Wondered what it would be like in Saudi, lots of media speculation about the spread of protests--fortunately it seems completely normal (as far as I can tell), so I'm back, and looking forward to a number of meetings with some great Saudi family groups.

5 February 2011. Time to check in again. Returned from the Gulf Region six days ago, a few days after the Cairo "unrest" began, so it was especially nice to be back home. It was a long three week trip: Dammam, Bahrain, Istanabul, Riyadh, Bahrain and Riyadh! Istanbul was for the 4th Annual Corporate Governance Summit, with a theme on Family Firms. The first time I've been part of a program in Turkish! (I wore a headset to get the English version.) Met some really great people, and hope to be returning to the city. Bahrain was also a Family Firm Retreat (by IIR) with more fascinating people and ideas. Sheikh Khalid Kanoo was a leader of the retreat and fun to visit with again. Attendees took 88 copies of my book in Arabic. Have encountered more interest in using trusts, which are unfortunately so difficult to read. My next book might be an easy manual on trusts. We'll see. Almost ready to update my travel schedule.

6 January 2011: Happy New Year!

I've updated my Venues page, and the travel schedule looks far more manageable than it was in November and December. The big news is that my Governance book is now out in Arabic! (The copies are in Bahrain, let me know if you would like one). I'm excited to be going to Istanbul next week to participate in the annual Turkish Corporate Governance Institute program (will look for their website). The filmed interview from the CFA in Copenhagen came out! (and is on my Family Governance page of this site) So did my "gossipy" global report on private wealth for Trusts & Estates. And my annual update for the International Estate Planning Guide (which I already need to update again for the new USA law). So, all is well.

5 November 2010 I can tell by the two month gap in this blog that I was feeling nearly too busy to think ahead at all. Now, for example, I have 9 days left in a 28 day trip! I began in Toronto, where I spoke on family governance to the MillerThomson annual client event, then went straight to Philadelphia for the Pitcairn board meeting then straight to Atlanta then Dubai then Riyadh (husband had already arrived for his annual teaching at KKESH, the eye hospital in Riyadh, where we stay on the compound) with just a few days to try to see many Saudi friends then on to Istanbul (where I am right now) for the annual UIA Congress (yes, spoke on the usual subject). Was surprised to connect with a very active Turkish group supporting corporate governance--had a delightful lunch and conversation yesterday (on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorous!) and just may be coming back to Istanbul. Next stop Copenhagen (and I've updated my venues page).

6 September 2010 Went to Switzerland again. This time Vevey for the third annual International Wealth Advisors Forum--wonderful group of colleagues. Just sorted out the next few months. Also had a client meeting in Dammam during Ramadan, my first time in Saudi during Ramadan--was actually a very nice time to be there. It's amazing to dedicate a 30-day period to family and reflection. I had hoped for an August like that, but somehow it all flew by. Still need to finish updating my International Estate Planning Guide (was down as an August project). Have a new article to post on the site: All in the Family.

24 July 2010 Got back from the great stops in Switzerland and Sweden, and came out to Minnesota the next day. Had a Pitcairn Board meeting so spent two days in Philadelphia. Back in Minnesota now. Catching up with a lot of projects. Back to DC on Wednesday for a client meeting, then back out to Minnesota.

5 July 2010: Had that trip to Riyadh and Dammam and all went very well. Then went to the coast of Maine for a few days of break, then to Quebec City in Canada (more break) and then to DC for a nice visit, including the first time I've seen the 4th of July celebration in our nation's capitol--was an all-day affair, ending with spectacular fireworks. Now I'm ready to go to Switzerland, arrive tomrrow: Zurich Lucerne Pilatus Geneva and a friend in Lund, Sweden. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

3 June 2010: Lovely to begin summer in Minnesota! Time outdoors and with family over Memorial Day weekend (hurried back from Barcelona to make it Friday night, and had to leave on Monday to get to spectacular Banff, Canada, to speak at a Family Office event). Getting caught up then back to DC on Sunday, meetings in NYC on Monday, back to DC for Tuesday meetings, and leave that night for one more trip to Riyadh before their holidays start at the end of June.

16 May 2010: Back in Riyadh! Was very strange to have the plane detour around ash clouds over Morocco, but did get here. And yes, it is getting hotter here. I think I'll have one more trip here next month and then take a break until Ramadan is over. Seems a long way from NYC where I was twice last week. I just looked on line and there have been 1009 visits to my website :-). My governance book should be available this week (finally) on I also met with an excellent Arabic translator here and may have that version printed for my next trip here. Continue to enjoy spending time with wonderful people here, so all is well. Next stop is Barcelona.

1 May 2010: This is my one-year anniversary of my LLC (Barbara R Hauser LLC) and working independently! Since I last wrote I had the interesting experience of feeling stranded in Switzerland while everyone watched the Icelandic volcano ash spread through the airways--but I was able to leave, in time to get to Las Vegas for the Annual Luxury Summit (the mood is optimistic as of first quarter 2010). Have started adding short update messages on, so you might check there also. (My website has had 939 visits!)

10 April 2010: Got back from Dubai on Tuesday. Had some good work days here in DC, then a filled day trip to NYC and finally a weekend to catch up with myself--and to go enjoy the lovely weather and walk over to the Jefferson Memorial surrounded by cherry blossoms. Wrote another chapter (for a Trusts book published in England) on my new ideas about integrating family governance into trust documents. Coming up is a 9-day trip to Switzerland. Will be great to see friends in Zurich again, then meetings in Lugano and in Vevey.

14 March 2010: Hard to believe but it's already time to head back to Riyadh (and Dammam and Bahrain)--in fact I leave tonight! Was good to have some time in DC and NYC (and Pittsburgh last week). Very exciting to find an article (in arabic) on one of the great evening sessions during the last trip (will try to add it to my publications page) and an article that was translated into arabic on the use of Junior Boards. Seems like a lot of writing lately--just turned in another article to STEP on the idea of a "two-tier" family constitution (ask me about it--and I'll know someone is reading this blog :-)

24 February 2010: The time in Riyadh went by so fast! I enjoyed the side trips to Jeddah and to Dammam, and had so many special evenings in Riyadh. It is a pleasure to keep talking about family governance with family members who are so interested in it. I got back to the U.S. last Sunday, then went to NYC for two days of meetings, then Philly for the Pitcairn Board, then out here to California to visit my sister for a few days.

3 February 2010: Well, here I am back in Riyadh! It is starting to feel like home. It is great to see Saudi and Western friends--they all make me feel very welcome. I do recommend the (Ladies Only) Luthan Spa & Hotel--with a great pool and spa services and even some "hotel" rooms (they know to give me the one closest to the wifi signal). Next week the Saudi Young Presidents Organization has invited me to give talks in Dammam and Jeddah, on Family Governance.

13 January 2010:
Having a snowy weekend in Minnesota! Next week is DC one day then the rest of the week in Santa Barbara, California. My article on "2009: the Year that Bank Secrecy Died?" is out now, and will be added to my website soon. Out in the February issue of STEP will be one on supporting entrepreneurial ventures by the next generation. (Then another will be on the CFA website soon.) I've been invited to give a keynote in Curacao (accepted).

7 January 2010: That was a lovely, long holiday break! This week it has been back to work: a meeting with the Wharton Executive Education people (am hoping to teach a unit on family governance) and a large turn-out in New York yesterday for our Family Advisory Council meeting. This afternoon a preliminary meeting with the owners of a large private US business.

19 December 09: And now I'm in NYC--for a pre-holiday fun weekend, walking around, seeing shows, hearing music (Bagpipes tomorrow!), with a huge snow storm to arrive any minute. Sending out holiday wishes by email and just enjoying the season.

11 December 09: And now I'm back in our country home in southern Minnesota, with heaps of snow all over. Chicago was a terrific meeting, a real "gathering" of very committed and generous professionals, all working to do our best for family flourishing! No more "big" travels for a while now. Time to send everyone good wishes for the holidays and the New Year. (And a few more articles to write :-)

8 December 09: Well, well---back in the USA! The Campden conference was great, with a chance to visit with many new colleagues and catch up with some old ones. There was a lot of interest in family governance (I ran out of the books I had brought with me). Today I'm headed to Chicago (snow blizzard allowing) for the Collaboration for Family Flourishing, which is always a real pleasure. Our last gathering was in May, which seems so long ago (before I even started this website or blog or wrote my book on family governance).

4 December 09: Hard to believe but here I am back in the Gulf Region! Arrived in Abu Dhabi today for the Campden Family Office conference (will be speaking on Family Governance). This was just the 38th National Day for the UAE so those flags and decorations are still up, and they are busy installing Christmas trees and Santas. The hotel lobby even has an enormous gingerbread house.

30 November 09: Back "home" in D.C. We had a wonderful family time in our Minnesota home for Thanksgiving--a lot to be thankful for. One more trip this week, to be in Abu Dhabi on Sunday (then Chicago on the 8th then Minnesota on the 10th) to speak on family governance. Then a fun weekend in NYC and soon the whole month will be over and I will be planning my January travels.

24 November 09: Am in Tokyo, the last stop on this long trip. Had visits and meals with old friends from my many years of coming here. Saw the new "Mid-town" a real indoor shopping mall, very well done--with incredible outdoor blue and white Christmas lights. Ate perfect sushi. Found a huge amount of interest in my book! Now it looks like it will be published in Japanese, as well as Chinese and Arabic. Looking forward to being home on Thanksgiving, with visiting family members. Off to Narita in the morning.

21 November 09: Singapore was so busy! There were about 70 signed up for my STEP talk (might not have all come--as it was raining, and cabs in the rain are more scarce than in NYC) and it was a great group. I quickly ran out of books. There were several follow up meetings, and some amazing meals (including a 70th floor spot) and some very intriguing new ideas. It might be that I will be coming back in a few months--we'll see. Now, I've just arrived in Tokyo--the last stop.

19 November 09: Amazing, I am already in Singapore! The days in Hong Kong were so filled I never had time to add a posting. Highlights included time at the CFA Institute, my STEP talk (about 60 attended), an internal talk at Withers, meals with friends, colleagues and family.

12 November 09
: The time has been flying by again--and I have just one day left in Dubai. The STEP talk yesterday was great to do--many interested advisors with a lot of good feedback. I hope to be back in Dubai more often. The local hospitality has been super also--heading out to a dinner now at the Palace.

6 November 09: Leaving Riyadh (another wonderful visit with such great people here) now for a "holiday" in Ras-Al-Khaimah. Will be speaking at a STEP Arabia event in Dubai on the 11th (on my new book, of course).

2 November 09: Came here to Montreux from Riyadh yesterday morning, to participate in a panel at a conference and visit with a few colleagues. Stunning views today (rainy yesterday). Dinner at a castle tonight (Castle de Chillon, nearly 1,000 years old). Very nice to be back in Switzerland, even briefly. Back to Riyadh tomorrow.

29 October 09: Settled back in Riyadh again. Yesterday I gave a talk to the Riyadh YPO (Young Presidents Organization) on Family Governance (and gave out copies of my new book) and in the evening attended an Archeology lecture (at the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre) on recent discoveries in Saudi, which was very interesting.

23 October 09: Whew. The D.C. lunch on Wed.(sponsored by Pitcairn) was super; so was the Thursday one in NYC (The Family Advisory Council); and today was a great Philadelphia day with the Pitcairn Board meeting and special events. Tomorrow I'm the lunch speaker on "Families, Happiness & A Good Life" then back to D.C. one night and then to Riyadh on Sunday night.

19 October 09: Paris was great. Today is Kansas (a bit of a change) and tomorrow is D.C. Wednesday in D.C. I will have the first "book party"--a lunch about my book. I now have real copies of it! (International Family Governance: A Guide for Families & Their Advisors (Avoiding Family Fights & Achieving World Peace))

15 October 09
: Leaving Riyadh at midnight tonight--nonstop to Paris. On Saturday I give two talks to "Money Matters for Women": one on talking to children about money and one on international estate issues. Then it's back to the USA for a week of travel there. Had a great time here, meeting with wonderful families--and a new friend gave me a lovely abaya!

3 October 09: Settled in Riyadh, and great to be back here. The KSA economy looks quite good, the university building projects are enormous. Great to reconnect with friends and clients here, especially after the long break. Today seems to be the main "back to work" day after some extended breaks. Will be here until Octl 16th when I head back to Paris.

27 September 09: Quite a whirl (plus perfect sunny weather in Paris!). Paris economy seems "slow" but has been a wonderful chance to visit with many friends-starting with an incredible meal in the courtyard of the Louvre with Tour Eifel in the backgroun. Did go to Zurich yesterday to have dinner with other friends (city seems "very good" notwithstanding the IRS-UBS matter) back to Paris today.

22 September 09: Leaving today for nearly four weeks: Paris then Saudi then back to Paris (see back to the USA on Sunday Oct. 18 for a week (5 cities in 7 days!) then back to Saudi (Bahrain?) and RAK (Abu Dhabi?) and Hong Kong and Singapore and Tokyo. Back in the USA for Thanksgiving. Hoping to fit Zurich in somewhere.

21 September 09: Finished my annual update for my loose-leaf treatise International Estate Planning: A Reference Guide and sent it in. Added a new section on offshore bank accounts (and heard that the Sept. 23rd deadline did get extended to Oct. 15, for the USA amnesty program).

19 September 09: The book cover (and back cover endorsements) are fantastic! I took a mock cover to London and to NYC. Now I have the proof pages to check and then the whole book should be out on October 21. I'm already scheduled to speak on it in Hong Kong in November. Tuesday I leave for Paris and then Saudi and then back to Paris.

2 September 09: I sent the book to the printer!!

28 August 09: Okay-I have a live website now! And, by the way, I got great comments back on the rewrite--hooray!! Tomorrow I do the final clean-up of the book (changing title to "International Family Governance" etc). Next week I will finish my annual update of International Estate Planning. Then to London/Cambridge and summer is over. Planning the travel through December....

23 August 09: Well the comments were quite nice--although I found I had a huge amount of work to do still. Worked hard each day, and late on Friday I wrote the ending and sent it out to some friends and colleagues (nothing back yet). I also went to Staples and printed out all 133 pages, to proofread and add some cites, maybe tomorrow.

13 Aug 09: Hours and hours learning how to design my website. About two hours just to get the right photo on!
Chose a host. Maybe by Monday??

12 Aug 09: What about Paris? (October 17--speaking at Money Matters for Women) and Rome/Bologna (people to see) and Zurich (my stored boxes there!)....
Still no comments back on my book draft (was it way too different?)
Treat for today: will see a real movie, first in years: Julie & Julia is playing in the countryside not too far away.

11 Aug 09: August sunny days--and here I am at my laptop trying to firgure out how to design my own website.

Thinking of three client families and their next projects....

Planning my trips for the Fall (London, Saudi, Montreux, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo and then Saudi again)

Waiting for the first comments on my book draft on Family Governance Globally--hope I don't have to change too much.