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Client Comments-Governance

Recent Client Comments

(from five countries; three generations; private businesses; holding company boards)

  • I want to thank you on behalf of all of us on how the family meetings went. Your ability to pick out the essence of our discussions on any point and bring it to a closure was a major element in bringing issues to a conclusion. And the meetings have been a great bonding experience amongst us.”

  • Thanks to you and your work this xxx has a future and I am so proud!”

  • When I read our new family constitution, it sounds so familiar—it is like what I have heard my whole life—it is really ours.”

  • Just wanted you to know that xx members of G4 attended yesterday's Board meeting. I'm excited, thrilled and pleased beyond measure. Barbara, I am so grateful to you for making this happen. I have also loved working with you on this project.”

  • You help us talk about some important issues we have been avoiding.”

  • When anyone mentions family constitutions, yours is the name we use, and we thank you again for helping us with ours.”

  • "Thanks to you and your hard work the X Family has been able to pass the baton from the founding generation to the next generation, thereby enabling the business to prosper and to remain in private hands."

  • "Your hallmarks are clarity, knowledge, intelligence and a deep understanding of human nature - it is a powerful and effective combination.  You get to the heart of the matter and give us useful information."

And feedback from speaking and academic lectures, which I also enjoy:

  • For me, you were the highlight of the Asia Pacific conference.”

  • You have sparked a lot of fascinating discussion among our business students.”

  • You were a rock star!”